wendy's wedding @ conrad, Zouk!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

They have just revamped their webby,
it's so pretty and convenient now!


Remember those days where you have to comment and
wait for the seller to get back to you for confirmation?

Wait no more!
Just add the items into the cart & checkout for your invoice!
Now you can even pay by paypal/credit card,
no worries, there won't be any extra admin charges!
One thing about shopping online, i HATE doing funds transfer,
so i love webbies that lets me pay via paypal
cos it's gazillion times easier!

Love their latest collection!
Cute cutout stud dresses to bow accesories
(Read vivi mag and it's suppose to be really in trend now!)

Receive 5% discount on all regular priced items!
Just enter this promo code: NEW5
*Valid for 1-time use per customer only. Expires on 30th Nov 09.

Attended another wedding!
lol, that's 2 weddings in 1 month. o.0
This time it's boyf's friend from project superstar.

hehe, we wore mitchy matchy outfits.
Wore a blue dress, boyf wore blue jacket over white tee!
Preparing at boyf's house & we thought we were gonna be laaaaaaaaate!
Rushed like hell and rmbed everyone would be late
for wedding dinners. zZzz..



Lol, boyf is a baaaaaad photographer!




Went over to Phuture after the wedding dinner with all of them!
Lol, bumped into shirley just at the entrance @ Zouk


Lol, wtf, crazy girl~


Went to phuture, downed half a jug of bourbon coke w/shirley
and danced for like 15min and i can stand it already!
Omg, bloody paaaaacked!!!
Human sardine. Grosssssssss.

Went back to the WineBar to look for the reeeeeest!



Sandra & meeeeeee.
Tried Choya & Lychee martinis for the 1st time! Yums!

Omg the wei choong was telling us Li Min Ho's gonna be @ butterfactory
the next night, and i'm sooooooo tempted to gooooo!
omg omg omg LI MIN HO LEEEEEEEH!

Lol, i'm like re-watching boys over flower right now!
I really hope they will have a 2nd series. ):





Watch this!!! Crazily cute bunnies!

YAAAAAAY! 6 more days to holidaaaaaaay~

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Friday, October 23, 2009

Ooooooh, 15 days more till i'm flying off to shop like nuts!
but as usual, i'm still shopping online every single day!

My bestie just opened her very own blogshop,
and her first collection is finally up and running!
Some of the items are imported back specially
when she's overseas on holiday!


So it's so awesome like you'll prolly not see other people
wearing the same stuff! Sweeeeeeeeet!


Love this sweet floral top,
feels like sth i'll wear on a casual lunch with my girlfriends,
or to that beach holiday.. got one of the tube top in pink
and the blazer in purple lace for myself! :D


Unlike the previous 2 blazers i bought and damn hot
and the material is very stiff!

This blazer is like damn soft and comfy!

And it makes you look much slimmer as well,
(hides your flabby arms but clinched in nicely around the waist area
unlike some of the other blazers i see in the shops around!)


Love this skirt as well, i saw beyonce in some magazine
wore something like this, plus a leather jacket,
and i thought it looked really good on her, glam rock chic!

Oh btw, since it's their 1st collection,
as long as you spend above $50, you're entitled to free postage!
Just quote "FIDELIS" when ordering to enjoy the promo.

Loooooove it! Don't have to step out of the house,
sweat like nuts to get to the mall to shop!

Last week work was mad craaaaaazy!
Went to one of my colleagues' wedding dinner after work.
Ade & my wedding gift to Jaslin..




Lol, only the three of us in the entire table!

Me & Adelynn

Melindaaaaaaa & meeeee.

Omg we had like the entire table of food to just the three of us,
such a waste of fooooood!







After the wedding, headed to Lunaaaaaaar
despite having to work @ 845am the next morning :x




Boohoo, mambo night suuuuuucks.
hahahah, headed to Zirca cos i can't stand the music any longer,
who knows.. it just gets even WOOOOOORST!

Went to zirca and they were playing trance.
WTF. if i wasn't so high i would've died from a headache right there!



Lol, boyf came to pick me up from zirca after that,
went home washed face, quick bath, change into pj and BAMMED.
Next day, me & ade were like --.-- ALLLL DAAAAAAAY.


Thursday, October 22, 2009

Last week i was given some vouchers for this fastfood place,
Superdog @ vivocity.

Went Vivocity with boyf to shop around before heading
to Esplanade to watch Stomp (freaking awesome!)
so we dropped by SuperDog for our dinner!

Damn crowded vivo on a saturday evening.
But there's lots of comfy seats still available!
Didnt have to worry about not being able to find a seat.


Had to wait for awhile for the food,
heard from the staff that the sausages/beef patties/veggies
are all freshly prepared, and cooked upon order,
thus the longer waiting time as compared to other fastfood chains.

I heard from someone who worked at mac before,
he said Macdonalds just pops in frozen pancakes
into the microwave, heat it up and simply serve it like that?

At superdog they don't do things the fast way like that,
but anyway to present the freshest and tastiest fooooooood,
even if it takes a much much much longer time.



Had the Signature Superdog, and the Spicy Italian,
and one must-try, the chilli Cheese fries!



Yums! freaking awesome! Just look at the cheeeeeeeeeese.
Craved for more superdog + cheese fries, so we went back again!
twice in a week!


Yums! Oh btw, Superdog has like delivery service available,
5 km radius from vivocity, white sands and downtown east!
This is the number to call for delivery! 61002929

Boohoo, i wished they would do it island wide in the near future,
then i can have my endless cravings for cheese fries satiated.

Join Superdog's facebook as a fan for latest update!


Here's the menu! Check out their website for more information regarding delivery etc!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

OKIEEEE! Ettusais time!
Are you already a member of the Ettusais Club?


Muahahaha, why join Club Ettusais? What do you get?
All you have to do is purchase any skincare products
(Get the Dual Effect white shooter, my latest favourite!)
and you'll get to be in Club Ettusais, and earn CHOOOOPS!

Once you've completed the chops,
you'll get a $10 voucher to spend on any of Ettusais's products!


Muahahaha, 11 to go!
I've completed 1 card and this is my 2nd!
So you know how much i've spend on all the Ettusais goodieeeeeees.

Other than getting vouchers,
you get to join our Club Ettusais member birthday party!
At the birthday party, you'll get to meet other members,
earn 2X CHOPS on your purchase on that day,
get special gift from ettusais, and learn more useful tips @ the party!

Receive speeeeeecial updates like these:


in the mailers, get to know earlier than anybody,
so when ettusais has some special limited GWP
you can rush down to get it before it gets all snapped up!
For eg: the super cute pink luggageeeeeee!

Ettusais Sweet Pink Luggage 1

OH BTW! If you're signing up as a member,
remember to let the counter girl know that you're Fidelis's reader
and you'll get a BONUS BEAUTY GIFT, Just for you! :D

Uncle & I accompanied grandma to hospital for her check up,
went novena square shop shop abit and boyf came to fetch me
and we went to Cathay to Digimask my phonnnnnnne!
Hahahaha, went to shop around & eat while my phone
was left @ digimask for the masking!

Hahahas, then we were walking away when i suddenly heard
someone shouting damn loud "FIDELIS FIDELIS FIDELIS!!!"
Lol, gave me a shock, it's my sec school friend!
Omg. It was fun meeting old friends.

Lol, went to B1 to eat some "taiwan beef noodle" taste like craaaaap!
Nth like the one i had in taipei! BOOHOO!

See what i bought while shopping...



Peekaboooooooo! :D




So cute right!!! HAHAAHAS
the piggie looks damn pathetic and funny!
Boyf didnt want me to buy cos he thinks i'm wasting money.
Lol. blah blah blah...


Went to Clover to accompany boyf to cut his haaaaaair on my day off!
lol, you must be wondering how many times
do i go down to Clover every month!!!

Oh btw, Clover is located @ Far East Plaza, #03-12
look for my awesome stylist Raymond/Keida! (:

Went to the shop beside juuuuuust Clover and bought Swavoski crystals!
Yay! No need to go to Arab Street already luh.
this place sells them as cheap as arab street!
8packets for only 45BUCKS YOU KNOW!
Shockingly cheap. I thought it was gonna come up to about 60plus?

Blinged my phone the very next daaaaaaay @ boyf house while watching movie.
Okay, scratch that. HE was watching the movie
and i blinged my phone for 5 hours straight.
*cocked eye after 5 hours.*



Crazily blingy. omg, my workplace is FULL of spotlight,
so it's damn damn sparkly and beautiful everyday and
everyone's complimenting my blinged phone and
nobody believe that i did it myself! Lol, wtf.

Oh btw, shopping time! :D

I love their style! Lots of dresses & blazers/jackets etc.
Even my colleagues asks me why i always wear blazers/jackets.


i really really hate to think & have a headache over what to wear daily to work,
so i really love jackets cos a nice jacket can instantly spice up any outfit!
make you look leaner/much cooler than wearing an ugly spag top
best of all you don't even need to think so much!

Even better for someone like me who's so afraid of the cooooold!


Love this jacket can, how cute is ittttttt!

Lol, wore it to work the very next day i receive the package from Averabella!
Took like less than 2 days to reach meeeee, very efficient blogshop owner.
Btw, quote that you're fidelis's reader to get 10% off anything from Averabella!

hehehe, boyf came to pick me up for dinner @ Waraku, hereen after work.




Love the jacket! <3
hahahas, boyf's favourite.